What will I remember about 2009?

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First of all, I'll remember the Patty's and her parents' great victory over the clumsy and dangerous local health care system.

I'll remember 2009 as the year when I said farewell to MS on my computer and welcomed Ubuntu. My first encounter with Linux was in this year.

This was the year we got rid of our TV set.

In 2009 I built our wireless LAN. Bought my Dell mini 9 with solid state drive and SDHC card (no hard disk and no cooling fans!). Changed my nine year old Siemens C25 with Nokia 5130c-2 XpressMusic with 1GB microSDHC card.

2009 was the year we rescued the little kitten Sylvia and gave her to Theresa.

This year is important for my Croatian-Bulgarian dictionary, too. I made my first sales of the Dictionary and finished its second version (1.1.2).

And last but not least, I created my first blog in 2009.

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